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The Secret of Dermal Fillers

 After final at the clinic, I deliberate to meet Mum for lunch. The patient I’d just treated was meeting friends at the same cafe, so we walked down composed. My patient took the chance to tell Mum she loved the “tiny tweaks” with dermal filler I provided.

After she left, Mum whispered “When are you doing the treatment?”.

“I just did it!” I replied.

“But…she looks normal!” Mum exclaimed in astonishment.

“Yes! That’s my name!” I explained. “If you put the right quantity of dermal filler in the right place, it looks completely natural.”

Mum was relieved to hear it, but also amazed. She couldn’t understand why anyone would want to look overdone and unnatural, but she thought that’s what dermal filler was all about.


Sadly, I’m not surprised Mum mistakenly thought dermal filler results would always look obvious. I am seeing overdone grades everywhere – on Instagram, in gossip mags, and even on Facebook. “What has she done to her face?” text my friends, advancing a photo of a school friend they’ve not seen for years.

‘Married at First Sight Australia’ skins Tracey from Perth, who now looks extremely unusual likened to before she had filler. These are the worst dermal filler results I’ve seen in a long time.

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