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Is high blood pressure always bad?

Unfortunately, the harshness of your hypertension can’t be arbitrated by how you feel. It’s not like a pain, which you can tell has gone away because you don’t feel it any longer. Sense “fine” doesn’t mean you’re actually fine. So even if it doesn’t “feel” like you need to take it more extremely, you still should.


High blood pressure is especially unsafe because people who have it typically don’t current with noticeable symptoms. It’s still unsafe if you’re set treatments for it but don’t follow them for one reason or another.

Living with it for years without any kind of action increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, and even chronic conditions such as diabetes and dementia. High blood pressure is more than just a amount. Paying it no mind could cost you your life.

So — is high blood pressure always bad? It is if you aren’t being treated for it. Regardess of your “level” or phase of hypertension, it’s not somewhat to take lightly. If your doctor says making a small change or taking a medicine will minimalize your health risk, trust them.It is no surprise that these floors have been well-received and widely read, but not all researchersagree, and the debate is ongoing. 

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